How are we organized?

We are a Presbyterian church which refers to rule by a body of elders who are subject to Jesus Christ, the King and Head of his Church. God gifts these men for their work, but the church through election to office recognizes these gifts. Those who have the special work of teaching (ministers) must also complete rigorous training and examinations and must be approved by the presbytery. A presbytery is composed of elders from churches in a geographical region. It is also the next court of appeal from the local church. Our local presbytery is the Heritage Presbytery. The General Assembly is composed of presbyteries and normally meets once a year. A new moderator is elected each year in both the individual presbyteries and the General Assembly.


Gary Knapp — East Gate Presbyterian Church was pleased to welcome Gary Knapp as its pastor in January, 2004. Gary came to us from Ohio where he served as a founding pastor of Christ the Word in Toledo.

Gary and his wife Alisa are the parents of six children, Josiah, Thea, Elijah, Joshua, Abigail and Anna.


Elders serve the body of Christ by providing spiritual leadership and care. Current elders serving at East Gate Presbyterian are: Joe Hallman, Gary Sebastian and Jim Thistle.

Youth Ministry

Grow Youth is led by Pastor Gary along with members of our church family with hearts for God and youth. Grow Youth meets at 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday.


Deacons serve the body of Christ by performing deeds of mercy and caring for East Gate’s church facility. Current deacons serving at East Gate Presbyterian are: Steve Fife, Paul Fitzgerald, Ernie Long, Ken Prado and Lew Sherer.

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